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”For me craftsmanship is magic, to create something, give it form, a soul and a function out of something dead. It is always a journey to create, and the journey doesn’t always end where I thought I would end up, but no journey is taken in vain, because there is always something to bring home.”

Busy! But I’ve opened for orders!

Its been a couple of busy months since summer. A lot going on and I get contacted frequently which is why I have decided to update the page a bit making it easier for you to find information about the current standard products that I carry, currently it is just arms...

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How to maintain swords

A lot of people ask me how to maintain sword both sharps and blunts. What oils are best for the blades and how to get nicks out. So I'm planning for a sword maintenance kit. Consisting of a few basic items that makes the job done. One of those items in the kit is a...

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Swordcare bars

First test batch of swordcare bars have been received and tested some. Hard balance to get the proportions right to make it easy to apply and longlasting. Or simply melting in your sword bag when the sun comes out. Also it will be safe for you, your sword and your...

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A good and a bad day at the forge

A good and a bad day at the forge. Finished welding a quench tank for longer blades and tried heat treating the messer I've played around with. But the steel was well cracked (old stone drill) which I noticed when I started grinding. New steel delivered though so I'll...

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Black elbow protection

The first blacks (black for the black knight) are ready for shipping. Think I have a lot of the details set but there is still some room for streamlining the design and production. I am able to take orders, but I will limit myself to a five (5) people queue. And the...

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Fencers wearing my gear

Had some really talented fencers wearing my gear during Sweden Open that was a blast. 4 sets of arms and elbows got their first dents and I have also received a lot of positive feedback as well as a few orders for gear. The coming week I will try to finalize the...

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”I want to create what you want, and in a fashion that exceeds your expecations.”

”I make things on order. Mostly because it gives me a framework to work from that is personal and true to you as a customer, but also because it gives me a clear goal and a need to satisfy.”