The first blacks (black for the black knight) are ready for shipping. Think I have a lot of the details set but there is still some room for streamlining the design and production.

I am able to take orders, but I will limit myself to a five (5) people queue. And the production time will be quite slow. At least a couple of weeks for a set though I hope to be able to improve that quite fast. Prices are 50€ for arms, 60€ for elbows, and another 60€ for knees individually. Coming soon will be the back of the head protector and later on the mask overlay.

What you get for that price is individual sizing adaptations on every part of your kit, I can adjust the level of protection depending on what you need by sizing up or down both leather and EVA-foam on the insides, as well as your own color scheme (2 colors, also do special requests, pm me if interested).

This is a crafted product, and the aim will never be to compete with plastics or products made under poor conditions. I want to give you something personal and special that suits your needs.

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