Leatherworking is one of the crafts I started out with early, making simple stuff like bracelets and necklaces out of scrapped pieces of leather like belts. I have progressed slowly, picking up new techniques here and there to add to my reportoire. I am self taught, so the means at which I make things is my own or from books that I have. But a lot if it is my own as well. I find it stimulating to be creative with leather, because it has many uses. And now I try to be as mindful as I can about where the materials come from and try to pick the least harmfull ones for us and our environment. I usually use Swedish leather when I can and preferably products produced close by, which affects the price negatively for you but hopefully in the end gives you something back. And the products are made to last, and when they break I’m more than happy to repair instead of it being thrown away. I have no standard products, but I expect of you as a customer to have an idea of what you need. Give me ideas and I’ll make them come true.
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