Sword making

I won’t call myself a swordsmith, not yet at least. But I aspire to be. Until then I will call myself a swordmaker or perhaps a swordgrinder and assembler. Currently I’m in training, getting a bit of help here and there. I forge pommels and crossguards, mount and redo grips, forge knife blades and the occasional Seax and axe. I’m slowly getting there, upgrading the shop with the tools and the knowledge I need to perform the ancient rites of the blacksmith and grinder and hiltmakers. I make swords from Albion bare blades. I grind and polish, assemble them with self made pommel, crossguards and grips into objects that are better every time. The services I offer here is under the terms that I’m a novice at what I do. Things take more time than they need to, time I need to make it right to meet my customers expectations. I do:
  • Sword grinding and assembly of own forged details.
  • Sword refurbishing, new/reshaped/modified grips and pommels.
  • Training sword maintenance.
  • Sharpening and geometry adjustments of sharp reproductions and Antiques.
Pricing is difficult as the price varies with different objects. But a few examples would be:
  • Sword assembly. Price of Albion (or other blade at your choice) bare blade +6000kr. Custom pommel and basic crossguard and leather grip with a wooden core.
  • Sharpening (decently/ formerly sharp sword already with few or small damages) 500kr.
  • Geometry adjustment. Redoing the geometry of the blade for a more efficient cutting ability (many manufactured sharp swords have a geometry that needs adjustment). 800-1200kr depending on the size and shape of the blade.
  • Training sword repairs. Broken rolled tip 200kr. Fixing damaged edges. 300kr.
Contact me through the ordering form or through Facebook with other ideas and questions.
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